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    Wanton Loving

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  • I was trying out Windows 8, and I noticed the built-in "Metro" picture viewer doesn't seem to do slideshows. Then I tried the classic "Windows Photo Viewer" that's still there. It does slideshows, but I noticed that the pictures looked jagged when scaled to fit my screen. Then I opened some pictures in Windows 7 and noticed the same problem. I could swear the built-in Windows photo viewer used to be better. But, anyway, I'd just like to recommend ACDSee Free. It is a nice picture viewer and doesn't make the edges in the pictures look jagged. You don't actually have to register it, and you can change the background from gray to black.
  • I got a PS Vita today and fixed the problems that prevented the videos from downloading on it. So if you have a PS Vita, you can now download the videos directly on the PS Vita and watch them. Any mp4 videos that you downloaded previously on your PC should also work on the console.
  • I'm proud to present to you the new members area for Sapphic Erotica! A tremendous amount of work went into it. and I hope that you will like the improved layout and better structure! Please do not hesitate to contact support and send feedback!
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